15 Hilarious Fails Hot Girls Caught Doing Dumb Stuff (15 photos)

Hot girls do dumb stuff sometimes. And when you think about it, what is more entertaining than that? We all do dumb stuff but it is far more amusing when someone else does it. And if that someone else is a hot girl, it can hardly get any better! The good thing is- hot girls love to take photos of themselves. Usually, they will do something stupid just to catch the perfect moment. However, instead of catching the perfect selfie lighting, they will catch themselves doing something incredibly dumb. But don’t worry, we are here to sort those moments! We present you 15 hot girls who do inexplicably dumb stuff!
1. Remember when we mentioned perfect lighting? Well, many girls find their bathroom suitable for their photos because of that lighting. Or it’s something that Kim Kardashian told them. Anyway, the problem is- when you want to take a selfie in your bathroom, and you don’t plan to include anyone else in that photo, just take a quick look around you before you actually take a photo, or else you will fail like this girl.

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