Lol!! Somebody Snaps A Pic Of A Bent Over Katy Perry And The Internet Goes Crazy With Photoshop

Once you get into the groove of these Photoshop battles, it’s hard to look at a photo without thinking about how it might be manipulated for jokes. A good Photoshop battle needs a photo filled with opportunity. It has to be positively rife with opportunity. Pics of celebs tend to be great for ‘shopping. Because when Photoshoppers put their wild imaginations to messing with a photo, they’ll come up with the unexpected if you give them a chance. That is a good thing, just to be clear. The laughs. Oh, the laughs.

So reddit user Dankiri_the_Catalyst posted a photo of Katy Perry, just slightly bent over during a performance. Is that full of opportunity for Photoshoppers? Judge for yourself.

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