A Bully Poured Super Glue In Her Hair, But What She Does Next Shocks Them All

The summer draws to a close and it’s already back to school! Unfortunately, for many young victims of bullying, the school can quickly become a daily hell. Contrary to what one might think, all of us, parents, teachers, friends and extended family can help them return to head high class.

In recent years, the Red Cross provides prevention of bullying and violence programs. We work with young people to help them better communicate and develop better interpersonal skills. In Quebec, last year, the workshop classroom Beyond the suffering of RespectED was attended by over 1000 young people from 10 to 15 years and the number of participating schools is increasing. This fall, we will launch a new package for children 5 to 9 years for the prevention of sexual assault.

Today we are talking about a girl, who is onlly 15 years old. When she Heights High School students was struck and then she did something no one could have imagined.

#1 Hannah Combs

Teenager Hannah Combs was outside of school with her friends, when suddenly a bully came up from behind and poured super glue on her hair! Hannah had just begun the school year as a freshman – so this was her WORST NIGHTMARE!

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