5 Secrets of People Who Don’t Get Sick

Balanced pH
Do you know what a “pH-balanced” even means? I guess if you can regress back to high school chemistry you may remember that pH stands for potential hydrogen. Of course, a pH number is somewhere along the line from 1 through 14 and basically just measures how acidic or how alkaline something is. Something like water, for example, is smack-bang in the middle on 7, meaning that it is balanced with the same amount of acids and alkali.
Then when you go one notch down or up on the scale that represents something being ten times as acidic or alkaline. Take milk as an example. Milk should have a pH of 6 which will mean that milk will be about ten times more acidic than water. So further down the spectrum you come to something like vinegar which, with a pH level of 3, is a total of forty times more acidic than water.
Way up the other end you have something like lye, which has a pH level of 13. Lye can dissolve some sticky things like fat. So at either end of the scale, whether something is particularly acidic or particularly alkaline, it can be very corrosive. Which might give us a hint as to why we want to aim for something in the middle – that is, something that is pH-balanced.
In fact, your body is aiming for an optimum pH of 7.4 – just on the alkaline side of neutral. So your body will try and regulate this. When you eat certain foods which are particularly acidic, your body will try and restore the balance by pulling certain mineral from elsewhere (like your bones for example) to counteract the acidity. Foods which are likely to result in this type of thing include things like refined sugars and refined grains. Even excess red meat.
Basically the whole point here can be simplified very easily by suggesting that we eat a lot more vegetables than we might be. I know it’s not much fun if you have a sweet tooth but hey, we’re here trying not to get sick, aren’t we? Plus, once you get rid of sugar from your diet it will only be a week or so before you taste fruit and vegetables in a whole new light. Suddenly, things like bananas taste ten times sweeter than they did before. Even if you think the pH thing is a whole load of crap, you’ll still be eating healthier by upping the intake of fresh foods and cutting way back on refined stuff.

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