Baby Foal Has Been Orphaned Since Birth, But When This Mama Horse Lays Down Next To Her

Zindita, the mare in question, had also given birth to her foal too early. It was stillborn. Brogan reported that Zindita was devastated and spent her time afterwards mourning the death of her baby. The doctor speculated that, in theory, Zindita would still be a suitable nurse mare for the orphaned foal. The timing was even perfect, given the circumstances. However, there was the chance that Zindita could reject the foal. Brogan realized that oftentimes mares can be aggressive toward young that are not their own.
It would endanger the orphan putting them together in close quarters. On the other hand, raising a foal without a horse mother posed its own problems. Without proper socialization from other horses, the orphan foal could miss out on learning good horse social cues. Foals play rough with their mothers, peers, and humans, but when raised alone, they do not pick up on how to behave in those situations.

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