The Daily Dip Funny Pic Dump #217

Barring sick days, jury duty or the odd time I get too blotto on a weekday and wind up in the drunk tank, I write these daily pic dumps every day! Some might think it’s the greatest thing ever, surfing the internet searching for funny pictures. Others might think it monotonous, repetitive and boring. Neither is totally accurate, and like so many things, the truth lies somewhere down the middle, in the gray area.

Personally, I like to think of it as a donut. A nice, tasty break from the day’s troubles. Always there, never judging! Sure, one day it might lead to some kind of mental version of diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease if abused, but once a day, I don’t think a little sugary treat for your brain goo is too much to ask! So, I hope that all of you out there will join me in partaking in today’s daily treat, and share a laugh with some of the great stuff we’ve cooked up for you today! Happy hump day all.

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