This Horrifying Profession Deals With Death And It Might Make You Pee In Your Pants

Do you hate your job? Most probably your answer is yes. We all do, right? There are very few lucky ones who get to do what they really want to do. But if you hate your job, you need to see how this guy spends his usual day at work, and I’m sure you all will feel lucky to not to have this guy’s job.
This guy named Kevin Schmidt’s day job is to climb 1500 feet TV tower and solve any major or minor issues regarding communications. Sometimes he has to climb the 1500 feet tower just to change a bulb which warns the aircraft of a tower in their way. You might have seen the red bulb on different towers and tall buildings.
So, let’s check out his normal day at work. Also, watch the mind-blowing video on the last page.

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