Britain Has Allowed People To Smoke In Public But On A Condition, Let’s See What

You may remember the old times when you would usually get on the bus and immediately be hit by the smell of cigarette smoke really filling up the whole Decker, making every person cough around you.
According to a local source, bus companies across the UK have now decided to allow the public to smoke on the transport, as long as they bring their own ashtray to dispose of the tab ends.
Lots of people are already talking about the dangers this may cause as technology has since improved and things used to be ten times different back in the 1990s when we last sparked a fag up on the way to town.
This has already started to take place in a few small villages and major cities across the Britain, including Manchester and Leeds.
Politicians are expected to see some debate take place, but the judgement seems to be final. Is this something that we really want to start doing again? Do we seriously want to bring back something which was buried so long ago?
Smoking on buses
Who knows.
Let’s just say something is for certain, lots of people will surely be feeling the need to catch a taxi the next time they’re planning on going out.
Some people have recently said that if you smoke on the bus, especially on the way to work, then you’re ten times more likely to enjoy your day more as your body will be stimulating the various controls which tend to grow as we all get older. Obviously, some other people may disagree, but for now, this just seems like another pointless argument we should all soon get over.
Let’s see what can all this lead to.

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